“Volunteers´ Stories” & “Moving Forward”

24. June 2016 @ 18:00 – 21:00
"Volunteers´ Stories" & "Moving Forward"


The first event of the Berlin-Belgrade Connection program is dedicated to the current, former and future volunteers and those interested in making a difference helping refugees during this difficult time of their lives.
Humanitarian aid workers and volunteers provide basic and critical aid to the refugees throughout their journey along the Balkan route, but also smiles and hope. A great desire to help people in need and the recognition of the capacity of the individual and community to make a difference is what drives these people. Celebrating humanity, compassion, and above all, solidarity, we are organizing the event “Volunteers’ Stories – Humanity in Motion”.


Moving Forward

Berlin-Belgrade Connection moderates the first Round Table “Moving Forward” discussion with the aim not to show problems (that we are all aware of), but concentrate on an insight into innovative solutions. What is the practice in Berlin? How can these practices be implemented in Serbia?
Participants: Mario Husten, Berlin / RAS / Group 484 / UNHCR / Techfugees / Volonter.rs

Volunteers will introduce some of the many individuals they have met throughout their work. To be a refugee only covers one phase of a person’s life – the people we met on a daily basis are much more than this label. We’re giving them a shout out for their courage and will to build their futures!