Dorcol Platz

Dorcol Platz is a cultural space for exhibitions, art, music and exchange. Established in 2016, at one of Belgrade´s very historic and legendary municipality, they are host to and initiator of various cultural events every week. The name Dorcol originates from the Turkish word crossroad, a great symbolism for our mutual cultural exchange.

Dorćol Platz is a multidisciplinary art community, open and accessible to all creative people, a meeting point of all those who are committed to cultural and social changes.

Dorćol Platz acts on the community through art, education and projects focused on the activation and networking of the local and foreign creative industry. By including established and unknown artists, students, scholars and all interested individuals and groups, young and old, aims to become a centre of sustainable development through culture, ecology, technology, sport and science. An urban space that is open to new forms of art and global trends, contributing to the cosmopolitan spirit of Belgrade.

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Serbinale – Festival of New Arts and Culture from Serbia in Berlin is an exchange platform based on a conviction that the trigger for social, political and economic change lies in arts and culture. Main goal of the project is to ascertain the idea of multiculturalism through incitement of active cultural exchange and partnership between German and Serbian art scene.


Heartefact was founded in 2009.
Heartefact strengthens critical awareness and builds an open and free society in the region of the Western Balkans through creative, expert, and artistic exchange.

Heartefact supports and encourages contemporary and engaged cultural and artistic creativity, and thus creates the conditions for producing a new generation of progressive individuals.

Ever since its establishment Heartefact has been committed to creating a regional cultural space which is responsible towards the past and builds a secure future.

Heartefact gives special attention in its work to marginalized and discriminated social groups.

Street Smart Belgrade

Street Smart Belgrade is an organization focused on introducing contemporary street art trends to local communities – citizens of Belgrade!

Street art is a special form of art usually underestimated for its relation to the idea of vandalism and rebellious behaviour. However, the aim is to promote productive – useful sides of this art form to the city, as well as to promote the idea to get teenager “vandals” of the streets, and then – reintegrate them into society with a new positive and productive cultural purpose.

In cooperation with BBC and one of the founders of Street Smart, Andrej Zikic “Artez”, the opportunity to give these young artists a chance to represent themselves within the organized and approved project of street performance, installation and visual intervention, where some of the famous and recognised names of this art form will work with younger non-professionals, will be transferred and  implemented in Berlin as well.

Instinktiv Kreativ
Is a network of young creative artists from Berlin-Marzahn-Hellersdorf with the focus on cultural development and exchange.