The first outset to institutionalise the exchange between BEG and BER of the Berlin Belgrade Connection was the Serbinale event The Festival of New Serbian Arts and Culture, from 29. August – 1. September 2013 in Berlin.

2014 was a very proactive year for the Berlin Belgrade Connection in terms of networking and social engagement. In May 2104 the Holzmarkt and the Berlin Belgrade Connection organised an aid convoy with over 3 tons of supplies for the flood victims in Serbia. Getting aware of BBC many activists, students and media visited Holzmarkt, Berlin and used the opportunity to explore the Holzmarkt concept and to meet the founders of BBC. Among others the Belgrade “Ministarstvo prostora” (Ministry of space) and architects from SCAPES:LAB visited to discuss topics such as temporary usage of city plots and urban subculture. The Serbian national TV crew RTS made a documentary about the history of Holzmarkt and its growing activities. Activists from Art Komuna came to visit Holzmarkt to talk about future cooperation & projects.

In 2015 Holzmarkt and Berlin Belgrade Connection returned to Belgrade to re-meet local activists at which occasion BBC got aware and witnessed both the demolition of old cultural city quarters just to make room for the disputed Belgrade Waterfront project and of the protests organised by activists and citizens against Belgrade Waterfront. Having witnessed the devastation of the cultural district Savamala the idea for a new culture quarter at Dorcol – inspired by Holzmarkt – took shape.

2016 is marked by the founding of Dorcol Platz, by the Solid.arty acitivists who in 2014 visited and got inspired by Holzmarkt. The group of activists managed to rebuild a similar cultural and urban site in Belgrade at one of the oldest city districts in Belgrade, which name “Dorcol” has the symbolic meaning “crossroads”. Since then Dorcol Platz became the Serbian base and venue place of the Berlin Belgrade Connection by participating, hosting and supporting its regular humanitarian and culture activities.